Google Apps is synchronized with Outlook

Google has chosen to compete with Outlook in the professional world not by attacking them in front but being an ally.

Thus, several of the flagship applications of Google can be used directly from Outlook. You can access their email (Gmail), calendar and contacts via the Google equivalent of the Microsoft client.

"Many professionals prefer the Gmail interface and functionality to products that they used before. But some love Outlook. For them we developed Google Sync for Microsoft Outlook ", says on the blog on Google.

Objective: To attract more businesses without disrupting users

With Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook, Google allows companies to connect to its cloud messaging (email, calendar, contacts) from Outlook, but without Microsoft Exchange.

Users can keep their email tool. Administration side, Google provides a migration system, presented as a simple implementation, which will copy data from Exchange and Outlook on Google's servers dedicated to Google Apps.

Apart from access to Google's email from Outlook, users can also check their emails from the Gmail interface when not on their workstation. The Google Apps (first version) is sold $ 50 per year per user.

After making its services accessible from Cloud BlackBerries, iPhones and recently Symbian S60 mobile phones, Google is continuing its plan of conquest enterprises. Hoping to convince the passage "outlook addicts" to switch to Google Apps for good.

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