Award Recognizes the 100 “Most Promising” Asian Companies Driving the Future of Technology

Silicon Valley, CA, Dec 9th, 2008— Red Herring today announced that iYogi is a winner of the Red Herring 100 Award, a selection of the 100 most innovative private technology companies based in Asia.

IYogi delivers technical support services directly to consumers and small businesses and is the first, global, technical support brand based out of India with more than 50,000 customers. The company offers consumers an unlimited, annual subscription service for $119.99 per desktop that includes support for a wide range of technologies, including PC hardware, Microsoft Products Support, Windows Operating systems, Computer Support, Software applications, MP3 players, Networking devices, Digital camera, Printers and scanners etc.

The Red Herring editorial board diligently surveyed the entrepreneurial scene throughout Asia and identified the top 100 out of more than 1,000 closely evaluated companies that are leading the next wave of innovation.

“Our winners and Finalists demonstrate that Asia is increasingly becoming a leader in innovation, contrary to common stereotypes", said Joel Dreyfuss, editor-in-chief of Red Herring. " It was tough to choose just the top 100 finalists from such a large list of excellent contenders, and we are very happy with the quality of the companies we selected as finalists."

“We believe consumers and small business owners should have low-cost access to the highest quality support available on the planet", said Uday Challu, CEO of iYogi. “We are thrilled that our innovative approach to solving everyday technology problems for consumers and our managed services for small businesses has been recognized by Red Herring’s keen-eyed leadership. We are continuously innovating in adding new services that includes PC recovery, anti-virus, anti-spyware, data back-up and PC optimization in providing the best tech support experience for our customers”, adds Uday.

The 100 winning companies have been announced at the Red Herring Asia event in Hong Kong. The CEOs of the winning start ups presented their innovative ideas and technologies to an audience of leading entrepreneurs, financiers, and corporate strategists at the event at the Hong Kong, JW Marriott Hotel earlier this week.

About iYogi

iYogi is the first direct-to-consumer and small business technical support service from India. Providing an annual unlimited subscription to technical support, iYogi now boasts of more than 50,000 customers. The company employs 600 professionals servicing customers in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and fast expanding to 12 new geographies across the globe. iYogi’s resolution rate of 87 percent and customer satisfaction rate of 93 percent are amongst the highest published benchmarks in the industry. For further information, please visit

iYogi Contact

Vishal Dhar

President Marketing, iYogi Inc.

Phone: 212 229 0901


iYogi Computer Repair, PC Repair Support Video

Shorkut Key Outlook 2007

Hi, Friends I am Continue with another set of Shortcut key. These are used in Microsoft Outlook Version 2007. This set of Key is help you to Manage Basic Navigation used in Microsoft Outlook 2007.
Shortcut Key for Basic Navigation

Switch to Mail.---------------------------------- CTRL+1
Switch to Calendar-------------------------------CTRL+2
Switch to Contacts.-------------------------------CTRL+3
Switch to Tasks----------------------------------CTRL+4
Switch to Notes.----------------------------------CTRL+5
Switch to Folder List in Navigation Pane.---------CTRL+6
Switch to Shortcuts.------------------------------CTRL+7
Switch to next message
(with message open).-----------------------------CTRL+PERIOD
Switch to previous message
(with message open).-----------------------------CTRL+COMMA
Move between the Navigation Pane, the
main Outlook window, the Reading Pane,
and the To-Do Bar.--------------------------------F6 or CTRL+SHIFT+TAB
Move between the Outlook window, the
smaller panes in the Navigation Pane,
the Reading Pane, and the sections in
the To-Do Bar -------------------------------------TAB
Move around within the Navigation Pane.----------Arrow keys
Go to a different folder.-----------------------------CTRL+Y
Go to the Search box-------------------------------F3 or CTRL+E
In the Reading Pane, go to the
previous message.----------------------------------ALT+UP ARROW or
----------------------------------------------------CTRL+COMMA or ALT+PAGE UP
In the Reading Pane, page down
through text.---------------------------------------SPACEBAR
In the Reading Pane, page up
through text.---------------------------------------SHIFT+SPACEBAR
Expand or collapse a group
(with a group selected) in
the Navigation Pane---------------------------------SHIFT+PLUS SIGN or MINUS SIGN
Collapse or expand a group in the
e-mail message list.----------------------------------LEFT ARROW or RIGHT ARROW, ------------------------------------------------------respectively
Move to next field in Reading Pane.------------------SHIFT+TAB
Move to previous field in Reading Pane.--------------CTRL+TAB
Go back to previous view in main
Outlook window.-------------------------------------ALT+B, ALT+LEFT ARROW, or -------------------------------------------------------ALT+BACKSPACE
Go forward to next view in main
Outlook window.-------------------------------------ALT+RIGHT ARROW

For Get More Microsoft Outlook 2007 Shortcut Key

Outlook 2003 Shortcut Key For e-mail

Hi, Friend I am continue with another set of shortcut key which is use for handle E-mails

Navigate Shortcut Key
Switch to Inbox Ctrl+Shift+I
Switch to Outbox Ctrl+ Shift+O
Choose the account from which to send a message With focus on the To line CTRL+TAB, and then TAB to the Accounts button
Send Alt+S
Reply to a message Ctrl+R
Reply All to a message Ctrl+Shift+R
Mark a message as not junk Ctrl+Alt+J
Display blocked external content in a message Ctrl+Shift+I
Post to a folder Ctrl+Shift+S
Check for new mail Ctrl+M or F9
Go to the Next message UP ARROW

Go to the Previous message

Go to the row above (message or group heading) Alt+UP ARROW
Go to the row below (message or group heading) Alt+DOWN ARROW
Compose a new mesaage Ctrl+N
Open a received message Ctrl+O
Display the Address Book Ctrl+Shift+B
Convert a message to plain text Ctrl+Shift+O
Add a Quick Flag to a message INSERT
Display the Flag for Follow Up dialogue box Ctrl+Shift+G
Mark as read Ctl+Q
Show the menu to download pictures, change automatic download settings, or add a sender to the Safe Senders List Ctrl+Shift+W

Outlook 2003 Shortcut Key for Basic Navigation

Hi, Friends I am continue with another set of Shortcut key which is help to Basic Navigation in Outlook 2003.


Shortcut Key

Switch to Mail


Switch to Calendar


Switch to Contacts


Switch to Tasks


Switch to Notes


Switch to Folder List in Navigation Pane


Switch to Shortcuts


Next item (with item open)


Previous item (with item open)


Switch between the Folder List and the main Outlook window

F6 or Ctrl+Shift+TAB

Switch between the Folders list (if on), Message list, Preview pane, and Contacts list (if on)


Move around in the Navigation Pane

Arrow keys

Go to a different folder


Expand or collapse a group (when a group is selected) in the Navigation Pane

+ or - on the NUMERIC keypad

Collapse or Expand a group in the e-mail message list


How to Create an Item Using Shortcut Key In Outlook

Hi friends I am continue with another set of shortcut key which help to easily handle outlook 2003.

NAVIGATE--------------------------------- -SHORTCUT KEY


Contact ------------------------------------ --Ctrl+Shift+C

Distribution List ------------------------Ctrl+Shift+L

Fax ----------------------------------------------Ctrl+Shift+X

Folder ------------------------------------------Ctrl+Shift+E

Journal entry ----------------------------------Ctrl+Shift+J

Meeting request--------------------------------Ctrl+Shift+Q

Message -------------------------------------Ctrl+Shift+M

Note ---------------------------------------------Ctrl+Shift+N

New Office document ---------------------Ctrl+Shift+H

Post in this folder -------------------- ------Ctrl+Shift+S

Search Folder ------------------------ ------Ctrl+Shift+P

Task --------------------------------------------Ctrl+Shift+K

Task request-------------------------- -------Ctrl+Shift+U

Appointment - -------------------------------Ctrl+Shift+A

Contact --------------------------------------Ctrl+Shift+C

Distribution List ----------------------- ----Ctrl+Shift+L

Fax--------------------------------------- ------Ctrl+Shift+X

Folder -------------------------------- - -----Ctrl+Shift+E

Journal entry ----------------------- -- -----Ctrl+Shift+J

Meeting request --------------------------Ctrl+Shift+Q

Message -------------------------------------Ctrl+Shift+M

Note --------------------------------------------Ctrl+Shift+N

New Office document ----------------------Ctrl+Shift+H

Post in this folder ---------------------------Ctrl+Shift+S

Search Folder -------------------- --- -------Ctrl+Shift+P

Task -------------------------------------- ----Ctrl+Shift+K

Task request ----------------------------Ctrl+Shift+U

I am continue with another set of shortcut key later



Advanced Find Ctrl-Shift-F
Bold (Contacts notes section) Ctrl-B
Bold (RichText or HTML mail) Ctrl-B
Check for new mail F9 (Outlook 2003)
Check for new mail F5 (Outlook 2000,2002)
Close a window Alt-F4
Close a window Esc
Copy Ctrl-C
Create Appointment Ctrl-Shift-A
Create Contact Ctrl-Shift-C
Create Flag for follow-up Ctrl-Shift-G
Create Folder Ctrl-Shift-E
Create Meeting Request Ctrl-Shift-Q
Create Message Ctrl-Shift-M
Create Note Ctrl-Shift-N
Create Task Ctrl-Shift-K
Create Task Request Ctrl-Shift-U
Cut Ctrl-X
Delete opened item Ctrl-D
Folder List - Collapse selected folder - (Numeric keypad)
Folder List - Expand selected folder * (Numeric keypad)
Folder List - Open Ctrl-Y
Forward selected mail Ctrl-F
Go to Calendar Ctrl-2
Go to Contacts Ctrl-2
Go to Inbox Ctrl-1
Italics (Contacts notes section) Ctrl-I
Italics (RichText or HTML mail) Ctrl-I
Mark item as read Ctrl-Q
Mark item as unread Ctrl-U
Move down one screen PgDn
Move to first item Home
Move to last item End
Move up one screen PgUp
Create new default item Ctrl-N
Open “Find a Contact” F11
Open “Look In” Alt-I
Open selected item Ctrl-O
Open selected item Enter
Paste Ctrl-V
Print Ctrl-P
Read next email Ctrl->
Read previous email Ctrl-<
Redo (within text field) Ctrl-Y
Remove last semi-colon from mail addressee Alt-K
Reply to selected message Ctrl-R
Save Ctrl-S
Select all items Ctrl-A
Select to first item Ctrl-Shift-Home
Select to last item Ctrl-Shift-End
Send email message Ctrl-Enter
Spell check open item F7
Switch to Inbox Ctrl-Shift-I
Switch to Outbox Ctrl-Shift-O
Underline (Contacts notes section) Ctrl-U
Underline (RichText or HTML mail) Ctrl-U
Undo Ctrl-Z

Microsoft Outlook Shortcut Keys

Hi Friends Welcome to blog which is dedicated with the resource i can share with you all what i gained in my due course of trouble shooting with my 5 year's experience has a tech support executive with different organizations.

To share with just want to start with the shortcut key that make outlook handy and provides a fingure tip access to them. Hope you will find it interesting and appreciate it.

Here are some of them and will be posted in the due course in the coming post's dedicated to this...

Any time your views and comments to the share with are Welcome ....

There are following shortcut keys used in Microsoft Outlook

Alt + S

Send the e-mail

Ctrl + C

Copy selected text

Ctrl + X

Cut selected text

Ctrl + P

Pest selected text

Ctrl + K

Complete the Name/ and or e-mail

being typed in the e-mail address bar

Ctrl + B

Bold Highlighted Selection

Ctrl + I

Italic Highlighted Selection

Ctrl + U

Underline Highlighted Selection

Ctrl + F

Forward an e-mail

Ctrl + N

Create a new mail

Ctrl + R

Reply to an e-mail

Ctrl + Shift + A

Create a new appointment to your calendar

Ctrl + Shift + O

Open the Outbox

Ctrl + Shift + I

Open the Inbox

Ctrl + Shift + K

Add a New Task

Ctrl + Shift + C

Create a new contact

Ctrl + Shift + J

Create a new journal Entry