Microsoft Outlook Shortcut Keys

Hi Friends Welcome to blog which is dedicated with the resource i can share with you all what i gained in my due course of trouble shooting with my 5 year's experience has a tech support executive with different organizations.

To share with just want to start with the shortcut key that make outlook handy and provides a fingure tip access to them. Hope you will find it interesting and appreciate it.

Here are some of them and will be posted in the due course in the coming post's dedicated to this...

Any time your views and comments to the share with are Welcome ....

There are following shortcut keys used in Microsoft Outlook

Alt + S

Send the e-mail

Ctrl + C

Copy selected text

Ctrl + X

Cut selected text

Ctrl + P

Pest selected text

Ctrl + K

Complete the Name/ and or e-mail

being typed in the e-mail address bar

Ctrl + B

Bold Highlighted Selection

Ctrl + I

Italic Highlighted Selection

Ctrl + U

Underline Highlighted Selection

Ctrl + F

Forward an e-mail

Ctrl + N

Create a new mail

Ctrl + R

Reply to an e-mail

Ctrl + Shift + A

Create a new appointment to your calendar

Ctrl + Shift + O

Open the Outbox

Ctrl + Shift + I

Open the Inbox

Ctrl + Shift + K

Add a New Task

Ctrl + Shift + C

Create a new contact

Ctrl + Shift + J

Create a new journal Entry

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