Shorkut Key Outlook 2007

Hi, Friends I am Continue with another set of Shortcut key. These are used in Microsoft Outlook Version 2007. This set of Key is help you to Manage Basic Navigation used in Microsoft Outlook 2007.
Shortcut Key for Basic Navigation

Switch to Mail.---------------------------------- CTRL+1
Switch to Calendar-------------------------------CTRL+2
Switch to Contacts.-------------------------------CTRL+3
Switch to Tasks----------------------------------CTRL+4
Switch to Notes.----------------------------------CTRL+5
Switch to Folder List in Navigation Pane.---------CTRL+6
Switch to Shortcuts.------------------------------CTRL+7
Switch to next message
(with message open).-----------------------------CTRL+PERIOD
Switch to previous message
(with message open).-----------------------------CTRL+COMMA
Move between the Navigation Pane, the
main Outlook window, the Reading Pane,
and the To-Do Bar.--------------------------------F6 or CTRL+SHIFT+TAB
Move between the Outlook window, the
smaller panes in the Navigation Pane,
the Reading Pane, and the sections in
the To-Do Bar -------------------------------------TAB
Move around within the Navigation Pane.----------Arrow keys
Go to a different folder.-----------------------------CTRL+Y
Go to the Search box-------------------------------F3 or CTRL+E
In the Reading Pane, go to the
previous message.----------------------------------ALT+UP ARROW or
----------------------------------------------------CTRL+COMMA or ALT+PAGE UP
In the Reading Pane, page down
through text.---------------------------------------SPACEBAR
In the Reading Pane, page up
through text.---------------------------------------SHIFT+SPACEBAR
Expand or collapse a group
(with a group selected) in
the Navigation Pane---------------------------------SHIFT+PLUS SIGN or MINUS SIGN
Collapse or expand a group in the
e-mail message list.----------------------------------LEFT ARROW or RIGHT ARROW, ------------------------------------------------------respectively
Move to next field in Reading Pane.------------------SHIFT+TAB
Move to previous field in Reading Pane.--------------CTRL+TAB
Go back to previous view in main
Outlook window.-------------------------------------ALT+B, ALT+LEFT ARROW, or -------------------------------------------------------ALT+BACKSPACE
Go forward to next view in main
Outlook window.-------------------------------------ALT+RIGHT ARROW

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