Outlook 2003 Shortcut Key For e-mail

Hi, Friend I am continue with another set of shortcut key which is use for handle E-mails

Navigate Shortcut Key
Switch to Inbox Ctrl+Shift+I
Switch to Outbox Ctrl+ Shift+O
Choose the account from which to send a message With focus on the To line CTRL+TAB, and then TAB to the Accounts button
Send Alt+S
Reply to a message Ctrl+R
Reply All to a message Ctrl+Shift+R
Mark a message as not junk Ctrl+Alt+J
Display blocked external content in a message Ctrl+Shift+I
Post to a folder Ctrl+Shift+S
Check for new mail Ctrl+M or F9
Go to the Next message UP ARROW

Go to the Previous message

Go to the row above (message or group heading) Alt+UP ARROW
Go to the row below (message or group heading) Alt+DOWN ARROW
Compose a new mesaage Ctrl+N
Open a received message Ctrl+O
Display the Address Book Ctrl+Shift+B
Convert a message to plain text Ctrl+Shift+O
Add a Quick Flag to a message INSERT
Display the Flag for Follow Up dialogue box Ctrl+Shift+G
Mark as read Ctl+Q
Show the menu to download pictures, change automatic download settings, or add a sender to the Safe Senders List Ctrl+Shift+W

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